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Lacoste is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. It sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. The company can be recognised by its green crocodile logo. René Lacoste, the company's founder, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court. In November 2012 Lacoste was boug


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Former Employee - Lifeguard says

"very stagnant and would not allow for a department transfer to facilitate growth within the organization."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Employees are replaceable mindset Do not compensate for extra work Overly strict policies"

Golf Course Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"A union taken advantage of by lawyers. Frequent ownership, management and associate turnover. Racist, elitist, bigoted members. In house groups take advantage of staff services without reciprocation for duties performed. Poor enforcement of California worker's rights. Golf department devoid of integrity."

Estheticain (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. unorganized. Good on the job training ! Co workers dedicated When resort is busy work hard when slow hours cut no job securityThe hardest part of the job difficult guestsThe guest is always right even when they are not or are dishonest The best part of job tips are good from the nicer guests co workers are nicefree lunches opportunity to meet people and make good job security rude managers managers do not follow the rules lack of communication"

Expereince planner; Spa, Salon, Dining, Golf (Current Employee) says

"La Costa Resort is a Resort, it allows me to utilize my current skills while I search for a management position. It is a great place to work."